Invest in a resort
property from a developer.

Invest profitably
At a high % per day, due to new technologies
in the room of an apartment hotel in the heart of Sochi.
Hotel operator
Under the management of an international hotel operator, your investment
will provide you with a yield of 8 to 12% per annum.(without taking into account
the growth of the cost of the price per square meter)
  • 25 days Minimum investment term.
  • from 500 rubles The minimum investment amount is available to everyone
  • 5 minutes It will take you to register and create a deposit
  • 1.3% Per day. High profitability due to new technologies.

Features of the Apart-hotel

  • 24 floors: 20 aboveground and 4 lower levels
  • 1...18 floors — business class apartments, 19 and 20 floors-club apartments
  • In the basement - apartments with a patio and a second level (ceiling height-up to 8 m)
  • Total area — 23,157 m2
  • Reception area of 300 m2
  • Circular placement of apartments — 17 units per floor
  • Minimum unit area—from 26 m2
  • Total capacity — 5 MW
  • Central air conditioning
  • Central water supply and sewerage
  • 5 European-built OTIS high-speed elevators

What does the company

By investing in us , you are investing in a modern online business with unlimited growth. We earn money on the construction and sale of resort real estate. And for the sake of accelerating the growth of the company, we are ready to share the income with investors.

Why is our business reliable?

  • 1 Customers from all over the world-no dependence on one country
  • 2 An online business that is not afraid of quarantines and epidemics
  • 3 Allocation of investments to several projects
  • 4 Accumulated active customer base
  • 5 Risk insurance contract

Graph of the growth of the cost of
per square meter

The calculation is given for the apartment of the 2nd and 3rd floors, with a view of the city, the stage-the beginning of the project, the category of the room — studio without a panoramic window

This price increase is based on a retrospective analysis of the price market for apartments in Sochi and the conclusion that in this location and with this infrastructure, the offer is limited, so the offer will be formed, and therefore, as the offer is withdrawn from the market, the price will increase.

Territory and infrastructure

  • + Protected area of 4.7 hectares, private lake and landscaped park with relict plants
  • + 2 swimming pools — outdoor and indoor
  • + Lake with swans on site
  • + Private cable car to the private beach
  • + Congress hall of 633 m2 for 600 people with the possibility of zoning and splitting into several halls
  • + 4 additional conference rooms with an area of 272 m2
  • + Parking for 80 cars
  • + Wellness/SPA-complex 539 m2
  • + Fitness room 178 m2
  • + Tennis court and mini-football field.
  • + Childrens entertainment area
  • + 4 outdoor tents in various areas of the park for 30/50/100/150 people
  • + A restaurant for 500 people, a sky bar on the roof, a summer restaurant by its own lake and a lobby bar with a summer terrace
  • + Laundry and other infrastructure facilities

On the territory of the hotel

Hotel infrastructure


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